Turtle Brownie Bar

Turtle Brownie Bar

Quick Facts

Date: 2005

First Iteration: Brownie

Most Popular: Pecan Bar

Most Fascinating Flavor: Lemon Bar



 Pecan Bar

Pecan Bar

 Assorted Bars

Assorted Bars

Why did Mara's Cafe & Bakery begin making bars?

When we opened our first cafe in Denville we wanted to begin serving simple and easy to grab desserts. 

Bar Menu

Lemon Bar: a delightful lemony treat with a short bread crust.

Raspberry Oatmeal Bar: the fresh taste of raspberries accented by the cinnamon, sugar oatmeal crumbs on top, all laid out on a shortbread crust.

Peanut Butter Bar: peanut butter cups cover the top of our delicious peanut butter bar, followed by ganache and a peanut butter brownie crust.

Brownie: the classic taste of chocolate formed into a fudgy, yet cakey bar. Perfect with cafe mocha!

Pecan Bar: ever crave an entire pecan pie? Well look no further - we're proud to serve our pecan bars. Made with caramel, chopped pecan and the tastes of vanilla.

Turtle Brownie: our brownie topped with chocolate ganache, caramel, and chopped nuts.