Latte vs. Cappuccino: The Difference

Our two most popular drinks at Mara’s Cafe are also the two most easily confused; lattes and cappuccinos. We often get asked “What’s the difference?”— and we’re happy to answer that for you!

Unless you’ve worked in coffee shops before, you probably don’t know the entire process of making espresso beverages.

At our cafe, it starts when our espresso machine freshly grinds the proper amount of beans for whatever size drink is being made. Next, steam and hot water are forced through the compacted grounds which creates the liquid espresso.

From there, we begin steaming the milk. This is done by using a steam wand, which is positioned towards the center of a pitcher of milk. Foam is created by placing the wand just barely below the surface of the milk, and is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is where the barista prepares for either a latte or a cappuccino. A latte is primarily made with steamed milk, with a dollop of foam on top. However, a cappuccino is made with half foam and half steamed milk. This leaves the cappuccino significantly lighter (and with less calories) than a latte. If you’re ordering a cappuccino and want to customize your beverage a little more, there is also the option of a “dry” and “wet” cappuccino. A dry cappuccino is almost entirely foam, and a wet cappuccino is more akin to a latte.

Next time you come to the cafe, be sure to try out one of these two delicious drinks! And feel free to ask us any other questions about the difference while you’re there.

Andrew CostarisComment