In my few years on this earth, I have been fortunate enough to explore the world. From dance halls in Quebec to underground jazz clubs in the Czech, Israeli deserts to Costa Rican waterfalls, there is one thing in common that all my adventures have in common: one way or another, I always end up in a coffeeshop.

     Coffee has brought me together with people across the world, and even to loved ones closer to home. It has the power to fuel creativity and unite friends and lovers, and it is this passion for coffee that has fueled my desire to work in cafes.

     Five years later and a dream checked off the bucket list, here I am roasting coffee for Mara's. After casually asking Devan Magley, co-owner of the cafe, if I could learn how to roast coffee beans, I found myself a few mornings later roasting my first batch of espresso with Devan's help.

     After a few batches, I got the hang of it. With keeping a careful eye, the right temperature, and the perfect timing, I gained knowledge that I had longed for ever since I went into the coffee business. Heck, roasting seemed like a distant dream to me, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be roasting coffee for such a cool cafe, and I know every new batch is more experience and knowledge I can gain.

     One such batch was the coffee I came up with for our recent coffee week, Jolt! I thought it would be cool to roast two batches separately, one light and one dark, and mix the beans together to create a blend of a bold, smoky body of a darkly roasted Tanzanian Peaberry with delicate and smooth bursts of lightly roasted Mexican coffee beans to amp up the caffeine... a bold contrast to each other like lightning in the night sky, hence the name Jolt! I've found this contrast new, adventurous and exciting, and I can't wait to share it with all our awesome customers old and new!


          Dave Karp

Mangager & Roast Master at Mara's Cafe & Bakery