Memorial day

By Dave Karp

Hemingway’s style of writing never sugar-coated anything. His work is now considered the master classes of modern day fiction and prose, his sentences full of truth and vision and rawness.

    Hemingway, along with many, many others, also saw war. And just like his writing, war cannot be sugar coated. It is risky and painful, even when you are seeing some sort of goal through. I can’t say that I have ever enlisted in any branch of the military, but I have seen what war can do to people and places. The poison of memory that, more times than not, effects our veterans and those currently serving.

    On Memorial Day, we honor and celebrate those brave, courageous souls who have risked and lost their lives for our country’s well being and safety throughout history. They are part of our story of freedom, which we cannot take for granted, for we are lucky to be able to pursue our happiness.

    The world can be a scary place. Dark stories and war ruins, whether we see them or not, are lurking around every corner of the world. I myself will not every forget the ghosts that lived in bombed out houses in the Golan Heights or the echoes of communism in Prague from the cobblestones in the streets to the metronome in Letna Prague. Our country is no different in the amount of pain and perseverance, and Memorial Day is when we come together with our thanks for freedom and really mean it.

    We here at Mara’s would like to celebrate and salute our nation’s heroes with some specials for the week. On Monday, come in for one of our burgers and a bottled drink from the fridge for only 8.99. Not a bad week to be around the café.

    And for those brave souls that have fought or are fighting for us: we thank you!

Ian MagleyComment