Father's day employee of the month

Employee Spotlight

Month: June

Employee: David Carden


Basic Information

Where did you grow up? West Orange

Where did you go to college? Center for the Media Arts

Career aspirations? I am working on creating a music production company

Where else have you worked? Face The Music (a commercial music production company). The Melting Pot.

At Mara’s

Position: Delivery driver/ Utility

How long have they been a part of Mara’s Family? Late 2014

Favorite menu item: White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Tell us about your special: I wanted my drink to remind you of a breezy comfortable summer day. It is a frozen lemonade with a splash of raspberry topped with fresh lemon and raspberries

What is their favorite part of working at Mara’s? Co-workers and being outside for part of my shift.  Love the outdoor and interacting with people.

Fun Information

Hobbies/activities outside of work? Mountain biking, cross country and downhill. Camping. Music production.

Are you married/have kids? I have two daughters, Morgan 25 and Madison 18

Favorite quote: “Don’t Stop Believin’

3 random facts about you:

Was an actor on Sesame Street for 7 years

Produced music for local and national TV commercials for 20 years

Both of my parents have the same name - Jan

Dave brings a great combination to the team of having fun and working hard. - Mari Volante
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