Employee of the Month- August


MONTH: August

EMPLOYEE: Jess Kaphan


Basic Information

Where did you grow up? Denville

Where did you go to college? Currently at CCM studying business

Career aspirations? I want to own my own cafe!

Position: Kitchen Supervisor

How long have they been a part of Mara’s Family? 10 months!

Favorite menu item: Cookie Bandito cupcake



Try Jess' Chop chop salad today!

Tell us about your special:  It’s summer I wanted to do something really different, so I put my favorite ingredients together, chicken, bacon, tomato, onions and avocado. I wanted to add roasted corn for a pop of freshness and a really good  homemade lemon olive oil dressing.

What is their favorite part of working at Mara’s? The people. Hands down, my coworkers are the best.

Hobbies/activities outside of work? I love going out with my friends, trying new and exciting restaurants. But really I work a lot and work is my life. Im a workaholic but I’m okay with that.

Favorite quote: ”Don’t be bound by quotes” - Jess Kapan

3 random facts about you:

  1. I’m a twin

  2. I have 5 tattoos

  3. I have a pet snake named Noodle

What is your spirit Animal? Alpaca! They are so fluffy.

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