Mother's day memories


    As Mother's Day approaches and I write this blog, I look over to my mantelpiece where my favorite picture of my mother and I stands. And just as the picture stands still, unbothered by my typing hands, my wondering mind, and the world outside, time too stands still.

    I never had the chance to go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee with my mother, but if she were around now, I probably would have collected memories of cafes all around the world with her. She was a free spirit, just like I can be. I suppose that's where my artistic and wanderlust personality come from (though my dad did a great deal to help me out with that, after all: he did take me on my first adventure to date where we accidently swam into a herd of passing baby crocodiles...but that's another story).

    Occasionally, she came to my class when I was in elementary school and taught art workshops. It was probably the first memory I have of any kind of art. She'd paint with us and teach us about different colors and we'd do our best to wrap our tiny minds around the concepts. Some did better than others...but her patience was that of an angel.

    In the winters, we would bake gingerbread cookies: she taught me how to roll out the dough, use the cookie cutter, mix and beat eggs, and maneuver around two hungry cats who would do anything to just snag a bite of said cookies.

    And the memories go on, some happy, some sad, some silly...

    There are a great many times where I wish I had more memories of her than pictures. Occasionally I will daydream about talking to her about my most recent theatre projects and endeavors or my most recent broken heart or anxiety attack, or my recent travels...and we would be there sipping coffee, talking for hours, and she would help me answer some of life's answers.

    But cancer sometimes shows no mercy, even to the people we are in love with. And not a day goes by where I don't think about her or wish I could ask her a question...

    But, occasionally, when my mind wanders and I think of her as I sip my coffee, whether it be at Mara's or a little cozy nook in the city, most of the time I don't feel alone. And sometimes, the answers seem a bit closer.

    As I said, these are some of the memories I have with my mother, and they make me smile. I'm sure you have some too! Here at Mara's, in honor of all our mothers, Mother's Day cards can be picked up at the registers where you can write your favorite memory with your mother, grandmother, or any woman you look up to (and you get 5% off your purchase too!). Give it to one of our staff members, and we will place it on our memory wall near the main entrance! So come in, have a cup of coffee, and celebrate with the mother in your life...

    And create some new memories! Believe me, sometimes memories can be better than pictures.


    -Dave Karp

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