Our Gelato

Curious about our flavors?  Check them out below!

Chocolate The outrageously rich flavor of Dutch process cocoa, paired with the perfect blend of milk and cream have kept this by far our most popular flavor.

Stracciatella Fiore Di Panna means the flavor of cream in Italian. It creates the perfect base for us to streak chocolate ribbons into. The contrast of the crispy chocolate and the silky smooth gelato is pure delight.

Elvis The king might be gone, but his legend lives on. Peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches were a king favorite. We know our banana gelato, with peanut butter and honey on top would have topped his list.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Strawberry gelato with ribbons of chocolate streaked in make this once valentines exclusive an everyday favorite.

White Chocolate Raspberry White chocolate and raspberry cream are gently folded into a light milk gelato base to form an incredible trio of flavors.

Mocha Hazelnut Crunch – Devan’s signature flavor. A light chocolate gelato base swirled with espresso laced chocolate and crunchy hazelnut pieces makes this a perfect exercise in decadence.

Vanilla – There’s nothing plain about our vanilla. Cooking the cream with pure vanilla bean and freezing it to the perfect consistency leaves this classic anything but ordinary.

Gelato 1.jpg

Coffee – Simply put. It’s what we do best. Dessert and coffee. It was only right that we put our talents together to create a deliciously sweet and caffeinated experience.

Chocolate Hazelnut As the basis of Bacio and Nutella, It’s been one of the world’s famous romances. When chocolate and hazelnut are together life is more flavorful.

Hazelnut Or Nocciola in Italian. Sweetened with just the right amount of pure sugar, this smooth, sweet, and nutty gelato is a favorite the world over.

Thin Mint – Can’t wait for that knock on your door? You won’t have to with our Girl Scout Cookie frozen treat. We use whole Thin Mints in our mint gelato to create this crunchy minty delight.

Sugar Free Cappuccino – All the flavor with none of the guilt. Sweetened with Splenda to keep the flavor consistent with all of our regular gelato line.

Big Kahuna Say Aloha to a wave of flavor with this seamless blend of coffee, coconut, and chocolate ganache streaked throughout a light chocolate base.

Oreo Those famous little cookies with the cream center turn into an absolutely amazing textural contrast when they meet our smooth creamy gelato.

Coconut Coconut water has picked up popularity in the last few years. Maybe we're old fashioned, but who wants water when you can have it with milk, sugar, and frozen to perfection.


Cinnamon This little wonder spice has been a primary enhancer to pies, cakes, rolls, and our favorite coffee drinks for ages. In our gelato we strive to showcase how good it can be all on its own. Simply decadent.

Café Mocha – What could be better than Mara’s coffee gelato? Mara’s coffee gelato with layers of chocolate ganache folded all throughout.

Cookie Dough Little cookie dough nuggets are blended throughout our Fiore Di Panna gelato to make a marriage of two of our best desserts.

Moose Tracks That wonderful mix of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups, and fudge made for a truly great ice cream flavor. Now re imagined in gelato, it’s taken to a new level of flavor.

Lemon Sorbet The freshest taste in the world with no fat to get in the way of that flavor. That tongue tingling taste will make you pucker up and go for another spoonful.

Chocolate Sorbet – Love chocolate gelato but can’t have the dairy? Maybe your just looking for a fat free alternative. Our chocolate sorbet was created so dark and rich you won’t even notice there’s no milk at all.

Strawberry Sorbet That red berry always seems to steal the spotlight. Once you taste our light and smooth sorbet you’ll be giving it your full attention.

Raspberry Sorbet Everything about this sorbet is bold. From its deep red color to its rich and intense flavor.

Peach Raspberry Sorbet The boldness of the raspberries paired with the sweetness of the peaches makes this seamless combination a real palate pleaser.

Heath Bar – Glenn’s favorite! The mix of sweet gelato and delicious toffee combine together perfectly in this frozen treat.