Layer Cake

 Signature Carrot Cake

Signature Carrot Cake

Quick Facts:

First Iteration: Carrot Cake

Most Popular: Peanut Butter Silk

Most Fascinating Flavor: Kahlua Ganache

 Peanut Butter Silk

Peanut Butter Silk

 10" Carrot Cake

10" Carrot Cake

What is layer cake?

Our layer cakes are the closest to what one might think of when they think about getting a cake from a typical bakery. Each one has layers of a traditional “cake” – usually white or chocolate – and is filled with mousse or icing in between the layers.  

What is a specialty cake?

These are cakes that didn’t quite fit in any other menu category so we include them with our layer cakes (such as the Tiramisu Cake).

Layer Cake Menu

Explosion: Layers of chocolate cake, cheesecake, and chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache, chopped pecans, chocolate chips, drizzled white chocolate, caramel and dark chocolate. 

Red Velvet: This cake has been red hot since its addition to our product line. Two red velvet layers held together by a generous helping of cream cheese icing decorated with red sprinkles. 

Oreo Blackout: Two fluffy chocolate cake layers are filled and topped with our decadent Oreo mousse. Crushed Oreo pieces finish this delectable creation. 

Tiramisu:  Tiramisu means “pick me up” and this great creamy light dessert does just that. Mascarpone cheese and liqueur laced whipped zabaglione folded together alternating with fresh brewed espresso dipped ladyfingers. Topped with cinnamon and cocoa. 

Peanut Butter Silk: The ultimate chocolate and peanut butter combination. Ultra smooth layers of peanut butter cream and French chocolate silk on a chocolate cookie crust. Topped with chocolate ganache. 

Chocolate Layer Cake: Moist chocolate cake layers alternating with our rich creamy chocolate truffle icing swirled with chocolate ganache. 

Kahlua Ganache: Two layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate Kahlua mousse then coated with our luscious chocolate ganache and piped with mocha icing. 

Carrot:  An abundance of fresh grated carrots, apples, walnuts, pineapple, raisins and spices. Finished with our mouth watering cream cheese icing and dusted with chopped walnuts. 

Raspberry Chantilly: Layers of white cake laced with raspberry liqueur alternating with fresh raspberries and Chantilly pastry cream. Exquisitely decorated with more fresh raspberries and toasted almond slices surrounding the entire cake.

Night & Day: Our two most popular desserts, chocolate mousse and our original country cheesecake combined with a decorative chocolate ganache topping.