Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Quick Facts

Year: 1997

First Iteration: Chocolate Mousse 

Most Popular: White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse 

Most Fascinating Flavor: Grasshopper 


 White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

 Lemon Raspberry Mousse (Monthly Dessert Special)

Lemon Raspberry Mousse (Monthly Dessert Special)

What is mousse?

Mousse is a light yet rich food that is beaten until airy. It means “foam” in French. It is made with four components – a base or principal flavoring agent (such as chocolate), a binder (such as egg whites), a lightening agent or aerator (to give mousse its light, airy texture – such as beaten egg whites or whipped cream), and flavorings. 

What's different about Mara's Cafe & Bakery mousse?

We take mousse one step further and put it into cake form by pouring it into our crumb crusts.

Mousse Menu

Chocolate Mousse: Our elegant chocolate mousse is made with semi sweet chocolate and fresh whipped cream on a chocolate cookie crust. Sweetened just right.

Oreo: A layer of chocolate mousse topped with a layer of white chocolate mousse with Oreo pieces throughout on a chocolate cookie crust.

Tri Color:  Layers of chocolate, white chocolate and mocha mousse with a swirled ganache topping on a chocolate cookie crust.

White Chocolate Raspberry: This luscious dessert is a layer of white chocolate mousse laced with fresh raspberries atop a layer of our smooth chocolate mousse. Topped with chocolate ganache, more fresh raspberries and drizzled with white chocolate in a chocolate cookie crust. 


Grasshopper: A delicious combination of mint and chocolate. Creamy mint mousse full of mini chocolate chips in our chocolate cookie crust then covered in a chocolate silk and a beautiful design of crème de menthe cream. 

Cream Puff: A look and taste like no other. We submerge delicious cream puffs into our creamy mousse atop a chocolate cookie crust. Topped by swirling chocolate silk, caramel and melted white chocolate.

Key Lime: A light and satisfying dessert. Fresh key lime juice from Florida flavors this mousse. Topped with coconut shreds atop a graham cracker crust. 

Lemon Raspberry Mousse: A light and airy mousse gently flavored with the tastes of lemon and raspberries, surrounded by soft lady fingers.